Send the opening measurements of your window(s) and/or door(s).
Width and height in millimetres (eg 1 metre is 1000mm).

The opening hole size is used for pricing because it is easy to measure.
The self-adhesive magnetic tape goes on the edge next to the opening. Extra tape & mesh are provided to allow for this.

What is the opening hole size for Windows

Open the window and measure the opening size hole (inside of frame of hole to inside of frame of hole, for both height and width). We provide extra magnetic tape and mesh to allow for the width of the magnetic tape which goes on the edge of the frame next to the opening. A further 10mm is added as a contingency. Price is based on the perimeter (in ‘mm’) of the inside frame measurements.

What is the opening hole size for Doors

Open the door(s) to their fullest extent and measure the hole from the inside edge of the frame, side to side (width) and top to bottom (height).
The correct height is needed for magnet placement down the verticals.
The width is used for pricing.

Note: The top horizontal and two vertical frames should be flush with each other – similar to a standard aluminium window frame.

If you do not have a standard frame for your window, door or ranch slider please enquire for further assistance.