Door Fly-Screen Info

Intended Purpose for the Bugout DIY magnetic door fly screens (made only in NZ).

Primary purpose is to allow air in and keep flies out but allow easy entry/exit access without having to open and close screen doors.

The fibre-glass mesh material screens are designed for hands-free easy access. They split apart when you walk through.

Made of light, durable, non-fraying material. In breezes they split open then come back together. This movement also deters flies.

The only effective magnetic hands-free system available for aluminium door frames!!

The best on the market for most types of door frames and opening sizes.

Effective, Elegant, Enduring, Easy Install, Economic, Ergonomic, Exclusive.

        Single Doorway                                               Sliding Doors


Easy access fly screens (in and out) for single doors, ranch sliders and sliding door entrances.

Designed as either a removable or permanent fixture to be left in place year round. Put them up and they will stay up.

Designed to not fall down with normal use and not to fall down in wild weather.

Unique but simple Bugout Magnetic Tape Locking Clamps ensure the screens stay up.

The clamps screw into the self-adhesive magnetic tape, not the door frame. Can be used on wood, plastic and aluminium frames.

Easy to  tailor and install to fit your door opening. Effective and elegant.

They are durable, visually unobtrusive, easy access and stop flies.

This works successfully as there are strategically placed magnetic joins down the opening which allows fresh air in, prevents flies from entering while also providing easy no-hands access in and out.

Designed and individually packaged in NZ. Buy with the confidence of local on-going support.

Only available in New Zealand and exclusive to Bugout Fly-Screens


They are not designed for use in constant strong winds or wind tunnels.  However,  they can be effective in moderate winds by only having one door panel partially open.

In stronger winds it is advisable to have the doors partially closed, as the screens may act like net curtains and flap inside the room. They are great in sheltered areas or in areas with wafting breezes.

During our trial period of 6+ years no flies were detected entering.

Although the door fly screens were not designed to keep mosquitoes out (because there is not a tight seal down the mesh joins), there has been  anecdotal feedback that they seem to be relatively effective.

This is unlike the Bugout screens for windows, which are tightly sealed with no gaps and they do prevent mosquitoes from entering.