Window Fly-Screen Info

A BugOut Window Fly-Screen is effective and long lasting.  

Neat, professional tradesman-like appearance.

Tight seal keeps out flies, mosquitoes, flying insects etc.

Extra magnetic strength tape for greater attraction.

They stay in place when opening and closing windows.

Flexible materials make it ideal for going over handles.

Easy to assemble, install and use. All materials supplied.

Clear step-by-step instructions with photos.

For all sizes and types of window (aluminium, wood, plastic etc)

 20-30 minutes to assemble and install (view installation info)

Design and Features of our Window Insect Screen

We use “Extra Magnetic Strength” rubber tape instead of the common isotropic tape. Although more expensive to produce, it is denser with a much stronger magnetic attraction. The screens won’t fall down when opening and closing the window. No need for “wind-clips”  or additional plastic frame support.

This tape can be used on window frames that have as little as 15mm width available.

The screen fibreglass mesh size is 18 x 16 per square inch. This is 288 holes per square inch, less than 1.5mm per hole. This allows for good ventilation but small enough to keep mosquitoes out.

Although the mesh is black, it’s transparent from 1 metre away – you don’t know it’s there.

The screen is made using fibre-glass mesh which  is sandwiched between “B” and “A” magnetic strips. The “B” magnetic strips of the screen are magnetically attracted  to the “A” magnetic strips adhered around the frame.

Each screen comes with 4 strengthening L-shape pieces that you glue to the corners giving a tidy finish.

Designed with the effectiveness and appearance of a tradesman installation.

Easy to install with a low level of DIY experience required using a small pair of sharp scissors.

The best prices in a market where high quality materials are used.

Give us your measurements and ask for a quote. Price varies by size.