Door Installation

A step-by-step installation guide with photographs is supplied with each order. Time required is approx 30-60 minutes.

The following is an overview:

You will require:
A phillips screwdriver (cross-head).
A pair of small sharp scissors and a utility knife.

There are five steps to install the Insect Screens.

  1. Clean surface of door frame and apply primer
  2. Adhere the magnetic strips down the sides and across the top of the door frame.
  3. Hang “Right-hand Mesh”, “Middle-Mesh(s)” and “Left-hand Mesh”. Add magnets to the mesh, so the mesh can be attracted to the frames.
  4. Trim the mesh drops to the right length. Trim the left hand mesh to the correct width.
  5. Fix locking clamps to the top of the drops.


How It Works

  • Each screen drop is 400mm wide and 2100mm long (for longer drops request a quote).
  • Self-adhesive magnetic tape is placed on the top door frame. The screen drops are then attracted to this tape.
  • Each screen drop has two Bugout Locking Clamps that prevent them from coming down when moving through the doorway.
  • Several small magnetic strips are sandwiched down the vertical sides of each screen drop. These join the drops together.
  • Magnetic strips are placed down the sides of the door frame. This closes the gap across the whole of the entrance.
  • The screen drops are easily adjusted to the correct length.
  • It is easy to cut the last screen drop to the correct width so that the fly-screens can fit any width entrance.


Product Testing

  • The finished product has been tested over 4 years on a three panel ranch slider that opens onto an outside deck.
  • Opened daily with frequent egress onto the deck by adults, children aged 18 months, 3, 6, 9, 11 years and occasionally by a small dog.
  • Clothes drying rack, watering-can, chairs, toys, trays of food etc moved in and out.
  • Also tested on a single door (internal garage entrance) with lots of daily traffic and varying loads being carried through.